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Starkey Foundation Mission Philippines 2019

Theresa from our ihear Caringbah clinic got the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to join the Starkey Foundation and provide much-needed hearing care to those in need. Over 500 patients, some travelling long distances to be seen and fitted with hearing aids. 

At first, I thought, “How are we going to fit, let alone see 500 people in one day” but the systems are in place to make it work and provide the best hearing care.

The parents of an 8-year-old boy named Lucas had travelled 6 hours to give him the chance of being able to hear. Until now, Lucas could only communicate via sign language. He was fitted with hearing aids and his parents were so very appreciative and Lucas was happy too, he now has the chance to hear the world.

 Some of the other experiences I witnessed was a man put his hands up in the air & say loudly, “I can hear”. 

Another elderly lady was laughing with everyone she was so joyful at being able to hear, she got up & was dancing with one of our security team. 

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