Five Steps to Better Hearing

Step 1: It’s time to obtain the assistance I need with my hearing loss.

On average people wait seven years between first noticing their hearing loss and finally taking action. Unlike eyesight, which people address by getting glasses as soon as it fades – hearing loss tends to be ignored or put off for as long as possible.  Remember that trying to hide or compensate for your hearing loss can draw more attention to yourself than wearing any discreet hearing aids.

Step 2: OK, I’m ready to learn how to hear better.

The ability to hear again has to be relearned, not purchased. The fundamental requirement to overcome your hearing loss is your desire and determination to learn

Desired characteristics of the hearing aid wearer are:

  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to learn
  • Relentless commitment
  • Time spent practicing the use of hearing aids
  • Patience while your brain acclimates to ambient sounds and noises.

Step 3: Getting involved is my responsibility; this will help me improve.

The most effective remedy for hearing loss is personal education.  You need to learn all you can about your particular loss.  You will need to know?

  • What type of hearing loss I have?
  • What is the degree of loss in my left and right ears?
  • How has my brain been affected?
  • How do hearing aids bridge the gap?
  • What can I do to help improve my hearing?

Step 4: My hearing technology will improve my hearing and improve my life but I understand that I will not hear like I once did.

It is important to focus on your improvement and not on when your hearing aids don’t help you hear what you want to hear.  The role of your hearing aids is to help you hear better, but not perfectly.  Here are some important considerations:

  • Remember that some custom style hearing aids will need some adjustments to help them fit comfortably,
  • Be kind to yourself – your brain can take time to get reacquainted with many sounds (including your own voice) that you haven’t heard that way in a long time.
  • Learning to adjust to hearing aids can usually takes from 6 weeks to 6 months.  Having commitment and practicing wearing them will bring much success.

Step 5: The rewards for sticking with the plan are truly worth the effort.

It is important to approach your hearing journey slowly however your ultimate goal should be to wear your hearing aids all day, every day including times when it is quiet, times that are noisy and even times when you don’t think you should be wearing them.

Your hearing aids will then become part of your daily routine and your brain will be stimulated long enough to interpret the true sounds of your world.

Be patient and don’t give up.  If you become tired it is important to retreat temporarily knowing that it will become easier the more you practice.

Always remember to stay in contact with your hearing care professional. On average new hearing aid users should visit their hearing care professional 3 to 4 times in the first month. They will guide you through your progress and are dedicated to wanting you to succeed in hearing better.