How AI Powered Hearing Aids Can Help You Hear Better

Hearing aid technology continues to improve every year. And now there is new technology that utilises the power of artificial intelligence, also known as AI technology. When you hear AI technology, you may think of robots and machines taking over the world. However, in the world of hearing, artificial intelligence can help hearing aids function more effectively.

AI Powered Hearing Aids Identify and Improve Conversation Quality

Just like how your TV can make recommendations on “what to watch next” or your email sorts your inbox into categories, hearing aids use artificial intelligence to make listening easier and effortless. Hearing aids with AI can listen to the environment around a person and make decisions based on what it hears. For example, imagine a bustling shopping centre or a popular restaurant. In these environments, Evolv AI technology can scan the environment and extract elements of sound from this scene. This allows the hearing aid to get a sense of what is happening. That way it can make what you hear clean and balanced. The goal of this process is to make speech easier to understand when there are many competing sounds. This means that Evolv AI hearing aids can sort out speech in background noise so that is it easier to have conversations in more places. This makes listening automatic and instantaneous in any environment.

Machine learning

These technological advancements in hearing aids can use deep learning to create an artificial deep neural network by taking in data and making decisions to help you hear based on algorithms. This means that hearing aids learn and identify which speech sounds are important. This then helps you hear better when there are competing sounds interfering with your ability to hear. Hearing aids are making faster and more accurate decisions in reaction to the different environments you are in.

Bluetooth connectivity

Additionally, Evolv IA hearing aids offer Bluetooth connectivity. Enabling you to connect your hearing aids to your mobile phone. When your hearing aids are connected to your phone, you can download an app to control your hearing aids. This technology gives you the control to make adjustments in different environments based on the settings that you prefer. These changes do not affect the settings that your hearing care provider set up for you in the clinic when fitting the devices.

Health and lifestyle monitoring

Did you know that your ear is one of the best places on the body to measure reliable health monitoring and tracking? Hearing aids available to purchase today can track your physical exercise as well as brain health. These “healthable” technology features allow you to monitor your health by recording information such as steps, heart rate and movement throughout the day to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.

This technology can also record the time you spend actively listening and engaged in social situations to reduce your risk of cognitive decline. Through artificial intelligence and embedded sensors, the hearing aid can produce natural sound quality as well as smart wellness and health features. Moreover, Evolv AI hearing aids can even detect when you fall and alert your emergency contact of your fall and where you are located. All these features aim to encourage people to be more socially engaged and more active while improving their hearing.

AI Hearing Aids Make Hearing Better Effortless

Clearly machine learning is for more than just Netflix! Today’s hearing aid technology allows you to put your hearing aids in your ears in the morning and forget about your hearing throughout the day. If you would like to know more about Evolv AI hearing aid technology, call your local ihear clinic today to secure your hearing health appointment. Call 1300 650 250 or book an appointment online.