Hearing Aid Accessories

mini remote microphone compatible with hearing aids

Mini Remote Microphone

Enjoy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments with the small, easy-to-use Mini Remote Microphone. Clip it onto the clothing of the person you're talking to, or use it as a TV streamer by placing it near the sound source.

remote mircophone+ compatible with hearing aids

Remote Microphone +

Enables easy audio streaming and one-on-one conversations in noisy environments.

Charger 2.0

All chargers come with on-board turbo charging. Turbo charging automatically occurs when the hearing aid battery is low. The hearing aid will rapidly charge, providing approximately 3 hours of use time with only 10 minutes of charging. Each charger must be plugged into an external power source (e.g., wall outlet) to function/charge the hearing aids.

StarLink Remote 2.0

Remote Control 2.0

Control volume, change programs and quickly access a favourite feature.

table microphone compatible with hearing aids

Table Microphone

Designed for group settings like meetings, family gatherings or noisy restaurant environments

TV Streamer

Easily stream audio from your TV or other electronic audio source directly to your hearing devices. It offers excellent sound quality, is simple to use and supports both analog and digital input sources.