ihear Welcomes Rock Legend, John “Swanee” Swan, as New Ambassador

The well-known and much-loved Australian singer and songwriter, John “Swanee” Swan, has recently been announced as the new ambassador of ihear Australia. Starting in 2023, on World Hearing Day, Swanee will help educate the public about hearing health and advocate for those living with hearing loss. With one in six Australians currently living with some form of hearing loss, this partnership between ihear Australia and John Swan is truly a game-changer.

A Celebrated Australian Musician

John Swan is an incredibly talented and accomplished musician who rose to fame in the 1970s as the drummer in the band “The James Wright Band” followed by lead vocals with Fraternity. He has since gone on to release several albums and continues to write music for other artists within the industry. Throughout his career he has had a strong commitment to raising awareness of numerous social causes.

Building a Better Future

“Today marks the beginning of my ambassadorship with a great company called ihear,” said John Swan. “The mission is all about informing you all of the importance of ear and hearing care and to encourage you to seek hearing services just like I did.”

Swanee has long been an advocate for hearing aid technology and was himself fitted with a pair of Evolve AI hearing aids through ihear. His own experience made him realise how vital it is that Australians are informed about their hearings options and seek help when needed.

Raising Awareness and Supporting Those with Hearing Loss

Swanee’s appointment at ihear Australia comes at a time when it is more important than ever before to raise awareness around hearing health issues. He brings both passion and knowledge to his role that will help inform thousands of people across Australia about their options when it comes to managing their hearing health.

Working to Make a Difference

It’s clear that having someone like Swanee as an ambassador for ihear Australia will be invaluable in helping spread awareness about the importance of good hearing health amongst Australians. With such an experienced musician leading the charge, we can expect more people in Australia to become informed on how they can improve their own quality of life through better hearing services – something we can all benefit from! We look forward to seeing what this new partnership has in store for us all!

To learn more about how to treat your hearing loss or to learn about Evolv AI hearing aid technology, book an appointment at your local ihear clinic.