Genesis AI Hearing Aids

Genesis AI – Pushing the Boundaries of What is Possible

Five years ago, Starkey launched Project Genesis, a journey that led to a groundbreaking advancement in hearing technology. With over 1 million hours of development and feedback from 500 testers, the result is the recent launch of Genesis AI Hearing devices in Australia – the most significant leap forward in hearing tech to date.

All-new Processor

One of the standout features is the all-new Neuro Processor, the industry’s most advanced processor technology. Equipped with a unique on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator engine, this processor uses artificial intelligence to mirror the cerebral cortex of the human brain. This allows the hearing devices to better replicate how the human brain processes sound, to create better sound quality. With 6X more transistors, 10X more memory, and 4x faster processing, this processor is the smallest, and most powerful in the industry.

All-new Sound

The Genesis AI Neuro Sound Technology enables wearers to hear soft sounds without noise, distinguish words and speech more naturally, and significantly reduce their listening effort. These hearing devices analyse, classify, and automatically optimise sound at over 80 million adjustments an hour, so you can hear more clearly in everyday life – even in noisy environments.

Brandon Sawalich, President and CEO of Starkey, sums it up, “The patients have described it as going from black and white to hearing in color.” This reflects the transformative impact that Genesis AI has had on users’ perceptions of sound.

All-new Design

Beyond the technological prowess, the Genesis AI hearing devices boasts an all-new sleek, discreet, and stylish aesthetic product design that’s durable and comfortable for all-day wear. With waterproof rechargeable styles – the patented Pro8 Hydrashield™️ technology keeps them safe from sweat, dirt, dust, drops, and dunks up to 1m. The new design is easy on the ears, delivering maximum comfort, quality, and discreetness.

The extended battery life, now reaching an impressive 51 hours from a single charge for some styles, further enhancing the overall user experience, and providing the freedom to engage in daily activities without the worry of power limitations.

Be one of the first in Australia to experience our award-winning technology

Genesis AI Hearing devices not only push the boundaries but redefine the future of hearing. Starkey’s commitment to enhancing lives through groundbreaking technology has reached new heights with Genesis AI, setting a new standard for auditory excellence.

We invite you to be one of the first in Australia to experience this award-winning technology.