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Krystal carried out an excellent set of hearing tests, very thorough & informative throughout the course of my appointment. I was very impressed with all aspects of my tests. Krystal is the best technician I have ever had in relation to my hearing tests. Thank you Krystal.

extremely friendly helpful & professional service with quality products. the after sale service is amazing & the recommendations made were spot on

Thanks to ihear review yesterday I am now able hear so much more, my hearing faded and I was unaware of by how much. The gentleman who checked both my hearing & the hearing aids was clearly spoken, extremely helpful & charming, he sorted out all my problems. I would...

I was very impressed with the service at ihear. Mitchell was extremely thorough and I left feeling confident that I’d chosen the right company to help with my hearing problems. My association with ihear will be ongoing, and I look forward to a successful outcome. Joan Ponton

I had a very enlightening experience at iHear Umina. Kayla was very thorough, explained everything so I could easily understand it all and listened to my concerns with compassion and care. It was wonderful to finally have my concerns taken seriously. I look forward to continuing to the next stage.

Paula is a very understanding, patient & goes the extra mile to make sure that we are comfortable with our hearing aids. She also answered all our questions, so we are very happy with her service.

I always enjoy my appointments with Paula. Always on time, she always gives good advice and is up with the latest technology.

I hear were so welcoming. I was a bit stressed about having the test, but I was put ar ease immediately. The test was explained to me, and I was more relaxed. After the test, the results were explained to me so I could understand them. It was explained how...

Paula offers excellent service with a genuine care towards the customer. She explains every step of the hearing test and then provides a full explanation of the results. It certainly it is a pleasure to have Paula as my audiologist, I would certainly recommend her to anyone

Met with Paula at Durack on Friday. Answered all my questions and gave me facts about the hearing aid that I didn't know. Feel much more comfortable with them now. I felt the visit was well worth while. More than happy to give her 5 stars.

Fini and Jeanette are great people. Excellent service and nothing is too much trouble. Recommend.

When I first walked into "Ihear" at Seacombe Gdns i felt the kindness and family atmosphere straight away. I needed someone to see my dad at home and they booked a time straight away. Fini and staff where BRILLIANT !! Fini came and saw my dad and all was so...

Service was fantastic and issue was resolved quickly. Very good personalised service provided excellent feedback, testing and advice

Very helpful, happy and nothing is too much trouble . All questions answered and appropriate advice given. . Not sold to a price but to what is required. Very genuine and trustworthy.

My dad has had his first visit and as it stands so far they have been fantastic. From my initial query I was impressed with their can do attitude. And then we had the wonderful Tina come to my parents home for the physical testing. What a breath of fresh...

It's a long way from ink wells and books

ihear Kalgoorlie were absolutely fantastic Ashley explained everything as we went along , very professional 5 stars from me and will definitely recommend to anyone who has a hearing problem it is nothing to be ashamed of. I didn't realize until I started using my hearing aides how bad my...

Highly recommend this business . From the warmest welcoming from Ashley to the professional service and recommendations. He is full of knowledge and cares so much about his patients. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! You will always be guaranteed great service

Good customer support and service l recommend them for your hearing needs

I found that Ashley was outstanding. For someone like myself who has never had hearing aids before he made my journey so effortless. Thank you so very much.

Great service ! Friendly ,Honest staff. this business requires more than Five stars for a correct rating!!!!

Good service.Very happy with my recent visit. Thanking you Cheers.

Very pleasant experience. Lovely friendly staff, treated with dignity and care. Highly recommend.

Great experience. My issue was resolved in a professional, courteous and friendly manner. I received great advice going forward. I can not recommend the team at iHear Bundaberg, highly enough. Many thanks.

Appointment was spot on time and the testing was thorough. Dylan was excellent at explaining the results and his suggested options were sensible and reasonable with no sales pressure. Happy to go back for follow up in a year.

I saw Anna from ihear at Mitchelton as a first-time client. I found her to be very competent and professional - also very pleasant and helpful. As I am an Aged Pensioner, she explained everything thoroughly and advised what options were available without trying to pressure me. I was very...

I visited Leanne at Mitchelton a few days ago. She was extremely helpful and gave me sound advice. As my phone is an Android, and not a model supported by Starkey, I now have a dilemma. Should I change over to an Apple Iphone or upgrade my Android and cross...

Very friendly, made my wife and me feel at ease, explained what was happening and discussed test results in layman’s terms

. Had hearing test but had wax implant, so test may be invalid. No mention of a retest after clearing, for recalibration.

I saw Leanne and she was amazing. She was very knowledgeable about my ear and my symptoms and was a great listener. She took the time to explain the causes and ear functions to give me a peace of mind and some strategies to address my issues. Would definitely recommend...

It was a new experience for me but the staff made me feel comfortable with my surroundings and I was shown respect and given some good advice.

Friendly, helpful and highly knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend!

I was very pleased with my appointment today. The staff are friendly and helpful. The test was thorough and explained to me every step of the way. I highly recommend iHear for anyone suspecting a problem with loss of hearing. Top Notch Service! 👍😊

Having had one very bad experience with buying hearing aids. I was very cautious about the process when faced with having to get more. The first person I went to this time, justified my caution trying to get me to sign up the day I did the hearing test. So...

Very friendly staff and makes you feel so welcome. So happy with all the details and help. Thank you.

Very professional and friendly staff make dealings very enjoyable.

Thank-you ihear for the wonderful care and attention in my hearing test and hearing aides. All the staff should be commended in their outstanding customer service. I highly recommend ihear for their recent and ongoing support.

Staff were helpful in fitting me in despite my requirements changing. The clinician helped me with great support and useful information I had not received before. Will stay with this practice.

Bettina was very professional and explained every thing well . Thoroughly recommend this company .

Very straight forward and everything explained well so I could understand what was going to happen and the subsequent results.

The team at ihear Albany Creek are always super helpful. Nothing is too hard or too much trouble for them.

My mother recently upgraded her hearing aids, resulting in a major improvement in her hearing. The process of changing to aids with significantly greater technology has been painless thanks to the personal and professional service and support provided at Albany Creek iHear.

I took my 4yr old daughter to iHear at Albany Creek for a hearing test yesterday. She is quite shy and takes a while to warm to people, but not so yesterday. Bettina & Leah were absolutely amazing with her. They made the whole process fun and exciting. She was...

It was a very enjoyable experience. The staff were very friendly, helpful and attentive. I would recommend them to everyone

Staff was freindly and professional Solved my ear issue with quick results. I am able to hear noises I have not heard in many months.

The moment you enter the site you are made to feel welcome and valued. Tammy is amazing and so supportive and helpful to ensure I am completely satisfied with my hearing aids. I cannot fault anything with iHear Warwick and highly recommend them.

My clinician, Tammy was wonderful, very gentle and explains everything before she does it. At the end of the process tells you in detail what the issue's are and the best direction to take. Thank you Tammy I am grateful for a relaxing and calming first time will highly recommend...

The team are so friendly and very helpful. It’s great finding out that there are better hearing aids now, especially ones that have Bluetooth and no more batteries. Added benefit was being able to go in when my new hearing aids kept popping out of my ears. It was such...

Was very helpful and showed me how to change my hearing aids to the volume setting on my aids so I can turn them up or down. Was not shown that by the others that I've seen

Lovely people with great knowledge. Helped me with my ear pain and explained what happened very well.

Brilliant service ,very informative, no bull, tell you straight ,there for your personal needs , understanding of your environment ( work needs as well as home needs when it comes to hearing very important )very satisfied with the professional advice thankyou

What hearing device would an Audiometrist wear?

Paula is a clinician and a long-time hearing aid wearer. Here is her experience with the new Starkey Livio Edge AI.

I have been a long-time hearing aid wearer, and my last hearing aids are about 6 half years old. I had been wearing an IIC (Invisible-in-the Canal), a very small in the ear hearing aid that sits deep in the ear canal.

When the Livio Edge AI hearing aid was released, I decided that it was time to look at replacing my current hearing aids as I had not been hearing as well as when I was originally fitted.

The Livio Edge AI comes in both an in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aid and, after weighing up my options as to which style would work best for myself, I decided on the behind-the-ear style called a RIC (receiver-in-the-canal). This meant I would have a very small tube from the hearing aid leading into my ear canal and, fitted with a small dome, would send the sound into my canal, sending the sound further into my ear. I also decided on the rechargeable option so I would no longer need to carry batteries with me. I am pleased to say I can go all 16 hours of wearing each day without having to put my aids back on the charger.

At first, I felt the new style was very different in the feel of the aid on and in my ear, and I was not sure if I would manage the new feeling. I then remembered what I advise my clients: that it takes a little while for the ear and brain to get used to the new fit and sound.  Much like a pair of new glasses, you can see the frame of the new glasses for a few days and then you no longer notice them. It’s the same with hearing aids.

What I first noticed was how clear everything sounded and that, with the second microphone, I was hearing the direction of sounds really well.

I paired the aids in the Thrive Hearing App and I am having a wonderful time hearing everything through my iPhone. I used to struggle to hear on the telephone but that is a thing of the past. Listening to music, either via Apple or Spotify, is a pure joy again all through my hearing aids. As I am able to adjust my programs and the volume of my aids via my iPhone, I no longer draw attention to my hearing loss. People just think I’m checking my phone when I am actually making environmental changes to my hearing aids.

I have had a wonderful time listening, and I no longer feel exhausted at the end of the day with the added strain of concentration to listen. I am not saying I still don’t have to concentrate but the energy used seems to be less intense. I am also not so grumpy at the end of the day from all the extra effort or at least I think so. I will have to ask my husband!

I also have a table mic for when out at restaurants and meetings. I cannot believe what I had not been hearing. I have used this in so many places, all with great results. I even sit the unit in front of the TV and get the sound directly through my aids, which means my husband can turn the TV down so we all win. I can even give my husband this unit to wear on a lanyard around his neck when in the car and can follow the conversation even when he is looking the other way.

As a clinician and a wearer, this has made a huge change to the quality of my life, with the improvement of everyday listening and enjoyment, both personal and in my professional life.

Thank you for letting me share my journey, not so much as clinician but as a client.


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