ihear Clinician Saves Patient’s Life with Early Detection of Aneurysm

It’s no secret that regular check-ups are important for physical health, but there is a case where a simple hearing test saved a life. At ihear, our Clinician noticed something unusual with a patient and insisted that she see her GP. As it turns out, they had discovered an aneurysm in her head – without intervention, this woman’s life could have been cut short – highlighting the importance of regular check-ups – you never know what might be lurking undetected.

Paula’s life-saving request

In November 2022, the patient had been fitted with new hearing aids and had two further appointments with no mention of tinnitus when asked. On her final appointment, she complained about a constant pulsating ringing in her ears that sounded like her pulse. Paula, the Clinician from ihear, convinced her patient to visit their doctor despite initial reluctance – showing a dedication that went beyond just providing medical advice. The patient’s MRI revealed a life-threatening aneurysm lurking within her skull, measuring in at 7mm. Fortunately, surgery could be performed to remove it. Her neurologist thanked Paula profoundly and mentioned that many people pass away from undiagnosed aneurysms without intervention.

Ringing in the ears

For many Australians, tinnitus is an all-too-real experience. Commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears” and usually occurring without any external sound present. This condition affects one out of every three people at some point in their life. The sounds of tinnitus are unique to the individual and because of this, the treatment plans our hearing specialists create for each tinnitus patient will be just as individual. Tinnitus can be a difficult condition to deal with, but fortunately, there are steps that you can take toward relief. Depending on the underlying cause of tinnitus, it may be treatable or require counselling and sound therapy to lessen its emotional effects.

The benefits of regular check-ups

It’s easy to overlook the importance of regular check-ups but this story shows why we should all pay attention to our bodies and take care of ourselves! We all know that it’s important to keep up with our annual physicals, dental appointments and eye exams – but don’t forget about those other important check-ups too. Hearing tests can help detect issues like ear infections or wax build up which can cause problems if left untreated – not just hearing loss! Our hearing care experts also provide lifestyle assessments so we can recommend the best solution for your specific lifestyle needs and circumstances. 

Regular check-ups are an important key to maintaining your health and wellbeing. Thanks to Paula from ihear, one woman experienced the lifesaving benefits of proactive healthcare – a chance at living her best life!

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