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Happy Mothers Day

a young girl smiles happily while hugging her grandmother from behind

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all the mums, stepmums and grandmothers a wonderful Mothers Day.

With 90% of our staff being female, we wanted to acknowledge their huge contribution in balancing work and family life. We appreciate all the experience they bring. Here are a few of their stories:

Krystal, an employee of ihear Australia, sits down to brunch with her mother

Krystal – ihear Hillsdale

My mum wrote the following;

“Krystal – It has been 10 long years since you left the UK ???????? for a better life in Australia,

“We miss you so much but realise you are needed there to share your kindness, love and caring nature with your patients/clients and colleagues. You love your job and it shows as you are so happy. We are extremely proud of you for learning a whole new challenging career while having a son with special needs without any family support there.

“You have given me great advice when I myself suffered hearing loss, severe Vertigo episodes, over several months.

“Stay safe,

“Lots of love Mum”

Bettina, an employee of ihear Australia, smiles for the camera with her 4 children

Bettina – ihear Corinda

This photo was the first Christmas in 5 years I had all my 4 kids together in the one spot.  My 3 older kids work/uni interstate so this was super special!! 

I have 4 kids ranging from 16 to 27 (3 girls and a boy). Basically when all kids were living at home, life was a circus and juggling was my forte to say the least. I worked full time and had 4 kids pulling in different directions.  My kids are truly my inspiration and they have achieved so much individually. As a mum I couldn’t be more proud.  My youngest is the dare-devil out of all my kids. To put it briefly, I have never had to have any of my other kids extracted from a toy vending machine by the fire brigade… Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mums out there including my mum too!! 

Barbara, an employee of ihear Australia, smiles for the camera with her son and daughter

Barbara – Tanunda

So this is me with my daughter Danielle and my son Steven John. These two think its just hilarious to pose for photos with me by pulling random funny faces. This literally happens every single time I get them together and they agree to a pic with their mummsie. I always end up grinning like a Proud Mumma Bear, seriously in my happy place, whilst my kids pull faces only a mother could love LOL…. I think I liked it better when they humoured me when they were like you know 6 and 8. Seriously though this has become a tradition and long may it reign.