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Why Bring a Plus One to Your Hearing Appointment

The journey back to your best hearing health isn’t one you should have to take alone. In fact, bringing a family member or friend along to your audiology appointment can be a beneficial and positive experience. 

They can fill in some of the blanks of your hearing loss experience

During your first appointment and interaction with a hearing specialist, there’ll be lots of room for discussion. It can be helpful to have someone who knows you well to help share the load. A loved one can sometimes know things about the way you communicate that you may not have realized yourself! Did you know that in most cases, close friends or family notice a hearing loss before the individual does? It goes to show just how much untreated hearing loss impacts the whole family unit. 

A guest at your appointment can also help you to articulate information about your lifestyle, specific hearing challenges and interests. 

The conversation will feel less scary with a friend or family member present

On another level, many people also feel more comfortable and at ease with a support person on hand. Not that your visit will be scary! Hearing health clinics are generally comfortable places where the staff are friendly and you can even get a coffee or tea! Plus, hearing diagnostic tests are non-invasive and completely pain-free! Learn more about what happens inside our clinics during a hearing test

A friend or family member can help keep track of all the information

When any hearing diagnostics are complete, your audiologist may have a lot of information to share with you. They will talk to you about any hearing loss they found, and what this means for you. He or she will talk to you about different treatment options and the features and benefits of each. There can be a lot to take in. Additionally, if you’re feeling stressed or anxious about your diagnosis, it can be easy to miss or forget information. By having someone else present, you have the memory power of two people to rely on! If you missed anything, your friend or family member might be able to remind you afterwards. 

They can help you make an informed decision

It can also be good to have a sounding board to bounce any decisions off, before you embark on your treatment journey. Your support person might have important questions you hadn’t thought of at the time. We all know the frustration of making our way home after an appointment and thinking, “I wish I had have asked that!” 

Schedule Your Hearing Appointment Today

In this article, we mainly discussed the initial hearing test appointment. However, you can engage a friend or family member to join you at any hearing health visit. If you have hearing aids already, you probably see your audiologist for annual check-ups. See if it helps you to bring a ‘plus one’ next time! Our clinics and hearing specialist will always welcome a support person that comes along to an appointment. Book a free hearing check at your nearest ihear clinic or call 1300 650 250.