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Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling With Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids become an extension of ourselves. As we travel for fun and work, here are some things to remember to make sure we always take the best care for our hearing aids when travelling.


  1. Do have extra batteries with you always.
  2. Do bring a dry aid kit particularly if you are travelling to the beach, ocean, lake, river, or any vacation spots that are water adjacent.
  3. Do wear your hearing aids through TSA and put assistive devices through x-ray screening.
  4. Do carry all hearing aid supplies (batteries, charging stations, accessories etc.) on the plane with you.
  5. Do set up an area for your hearing aid supplies/accessories when you get to your destination.


  1. Don’t take your hearing aids off or leave them at home because you are concerned about how difficult it will be. The more you wear your hearing aids the better you will do! So even if travelling with hearing aids seems inconvenient, vacationing with hearing loss will be even moreso.
  2. Don’t turn off your hearing aids or their wireless features on a plane. The FAA exempts devices like hearing aids and pacemakers because they don’t emit signals that might interfere with aircraft controls.
  3. Don’t forget your cleaning tools (cloth, brush, wax guards, etc.) when travelling.
  4. Don’t forget your accessories, like your remote microphone. Accessories will make your vacation more enjoyable.
  5. Don’t keep your hearing loss a secret. Let flight attendants and travel companions know that you have hearing loss — and be willing to ask for assistance.

For more tips, speak to a hearing professional at an ihear clinic near you.