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Anzac Day

We commemorate the contribution and suffering of all those who have served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

A sincere Thank you to all of our past and present Australian war veterans, and their families, for their dedication and service to our Nation. So that we may enjoy the freedoms and safety in our country. Lest We Forget.

Our client stories

Jim Richardson

Jim attends our ihear Adelaide clinic and is a truly remarkable man.  He gives so much back in his volunteer work at RSL Care SA through the kindness and hope to the veterans that he spends time with. Jim is a true gentleman with a very extensive background serving in the Australian Armed Forces. 

He joined the Navy and served in Vietnam during 1970-71 and did overseas service in South East Asia. In 1979, he transferred to the RAAF and became an RAAP Policeman. He served in all states and territories of Australia apart from WA and in Malaysia from 1982-1985. He retired from the RAAF and the Defence Force in 1999.

I was fitted with two Starkey Livio AI 1200 RIC hearing aids at ihear Brighton on the 11th of March this year. 

I had been using another brand of HAs for six years and was experiencing issues with clarity of words, particularly in noisy environments, or when there was background noise. Also, in general terms, I was dissatisfied with their performance, as they weren’t providing adequate quality support for me.

After some adjustments at follow-up appointments, my new Starkey HAs have exceeded my expectations. I no longer have word clarity issues, even with background noises, and with the Crowd setting, noisy environments are much easier to handle. 

I volunteer in Aged Care, where some of the residents are softly spoken. I am able to now increase the volume on my HAs, if necessary, without there being any sort of distortion, when using the Normal setting. 

There was initially some hissing sound if I increased the volume, but Mimi Farah very professionally ‘tweaked’ my HAs to overcome that problem. 

I chose the Livio AI 1200 HAs for the Bluetooth function, as previously I had to have my mobile phone on speaker at my ear to clearly hear my caller. This was of concern not only from a hearing aspect, but a privacy issue also. The Bluetooth works well for my phone conversations, but is less reliable for music streaming, but I can live with that, because the latter wasn’t the reason I chose them. 

In summary, I am very happy with my new Starkey Livio AI 1200 RIC hearing aids, but the bottom line is the extremely professional testing process that Mimi provides, ensuring that her clients obtain the appropriate HAs for their condition. Further, Mimi undertakes follow-up sessions to make certain that the HAs are operating at their optimum level, and to alleviate any concerns etc that her client may have. Certainly that was my experience. 

To top it off, Mimi employs a sit down comedian as front of house, Jeanette Raines, who provides the answer to any questions one might have, helps people to relax before testing, if needed, by her toothless snarl (any situation would be more relaxing than seeing her toothless snarl) and makes a mean cup of tea.  You may edit out the toothless reference should you so desire. ????????  

I most heartily recommend Starkey brand HAs, ihear Brighton as the centre of choice and Mimi Farah as the Audiologist, and her erstwhile comedic offsider Jeanette out front as the first choice in consultation.

Jim Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Yost

Mr and Mrs Yost attend our ihear Toowoomba clinic and we got to talking about Anzac Day and asked them to take a photo of their beautiful puppies. They both wear a purple poppy (remembering animals in war). Mr Yost served many years in the Army also and are both very proud of Anzac Day.

We have all those involved in our hearts and thoughts every day. All gave so much whether they sleep in distant fields, or returned to their loved ones waiting arms. The campaigns left our young men, that did return, suffering both physically along with everlasting memories that effected their every day lives. Our special animals not only went to war but still support the returning soldiers.