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Alan hears the Bagpipes

Alan hears the Bagpipes

Alan has been wearing hearing aids since 2011 and was recently refitted with Muse i1000 BTE's at ihear's Warwick clinic.

One of the most remarkable outcomes for Alan since being fitted with his Muse I1000’s, is his ability to hear the distinct sounds of the instruments when listening to his music. He is especially thrilled with how he now hears the violins and the bagpipes.

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Brian hears the conversation

Brian hears the conversation

Brian came in with 5 year old hearing aids which were unable to be repaired. He was socially isolated and his wife was unable to communicate one to one with Brian. Owing to extreme communication difficulties, whilst he waited for new hearing aids, Katrina Skirka at ihear New Lambton, fitted him with loan hearing aids in the interim. Brian's wife rang 2 days following this to say how much they made a difference to his life and that she could now communicate with him!

In the meantime, Katrina and the New Lambton team investigated work cover and found he was eligible for refitting (after having been told by another provider that he was not!). Brian was fitted with top of the range hearing aids and a remote microphone. At his follow up appointment, Brian’s wife reported Brian was now able to join in socially in group conversations for the first time in years with the use of his new hearing aids and remote microphone! Additionally, Brian was able to wear 2 hearing aids now, resorting to one at a time in the past. The new hearing aids have made a marked difference to the quality of Brian’s life and his ability to communicate with his wife and family.

Brian’s personal account below:

“I am more than happy with my new hearing aids as I have never been able to hear like this since my hearing failed many years ago.

The service I received from Katrina Skirka and the ihear New Lambton team when we were trying to find out whether I was eligible for workcover, was no trouble.

I would gladly recommend the branch of ihear at new lambton for the wonderful service.”

Rotary club donation has changed Paula’s life

The generosity of the Rotary Club paired with the technological advances made by Starkey Laboratories have changes Paula's life for the better.

About Paula

Paula was born in St George, Queensland, one of four children. Both Paula and her sister were deaf from birth whereas her two brothers had no hearing problems. Doctors told Paula’s mother that if she had any more daughters they too would be deaf.

Paula attended school for the deaf in Brisbane and wore a hearing aid from the age of 3. To attend school at such an early age was difficult for Paula and her family as she had to board with other families (who luckily looked after her very well).

From an early age Paula’s problem has always been communicating not only with family but also with the general public. This has created an employment barrier and restricted her opportunities in life. Paula has two hearing daughters of her own now and they are her ears when she needs to engage with other people. The advent of mobile phone technology has, however, greatly improved Paula’s ability to engage with her family by way of SMS but she has not been able to afford a new hearing aids for many years. The Rotary club donation has changed all that.

We have been seeing Paula at our ihear clinics since 2000. She has always worn a high powered behind-the-ear hearing aid and for the last 5 years has only been wearing one aid. Unfortunately her most recently fitted aid is no longer repairable and the cost of a new aid was prohibitive. Due to the generosity of the Rotary club she was able to purchase a new one. To her amazement she now has a hearing aid that is smaller and much more cosmetically appealing to a 47 year old women, due to the technological advancements made by Starkey Laboratories in particular. After the fitting we texted Paula, our way of communicating with her, and she loves the aids! To date all is going very well.

I am not sure if you saw her eyes well up when I turned the new aid on. That is an absolute privilege for me to be involved in and is what makes my job/ passion so special.

After you left I connected her aid to a streaming device so she was listening to music from my iPod directly in her aid. We had lots of fun. But most of all this gift has changed her life.

– From Marguerite Dunstan BA,DipAud,MAudSA(CCP) Senior Audiologist/ Clinic Manager ihear – Toowoomba

About the starkey foundation

Started by William F. Austin, Founder and CEO of Starkey Hearing Technologies, Starkey Hearing Foundation uses hearing as a vehicle to reflect caring and change lives around the world. Disabling hearing loss affects more than 360 million people, including 32 million children, worldwide, yet many do not have access to the hearing devices that can help them. Starkey Hearing Foundation has pledged to provide more than one million hearing aids to people in need this decade and currently gives more than 200,000 hearing aids annually.

About ihear

Customer care isn’t just a catchphrase for us, it’s at the centre of what ihear do and how we operate our clinics. We are deeply committed to enabling better hearing for our clients. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, professional, and personalised service to all our customers. We believe that meeting with us to discuss your hearing concerns is just the first step towards getting you back to enjoying your life to the full. To do this we focus on building a lasting relationship, and providing you with ongoing support and advice along your hearing journey.

We know that to truly support you we must understand your lifestyle and needs. That’s why our clinic strives to be part of the local community whenever we can, from employing within the area to getting involved with community events, because to know your needs we must know where you live.

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