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The Link Between Your Hearing and Overall Health

With one in three people over 60 struggling to hear their best, it’s clear that hearing loss is a pervasive issue. More alarming is the negative impact of untreated hearing loss on a person’s quality of life.

The consequences of ignoring hearing loss can range from simply missing out on special moments and conversations to increasing risk of falls, odds for dementia and many more.

Treating hearing loss, on the other hand, can help you stay engaged, remain active and may even prevent or reduce some of the risks mentioned above. Wearing hearing aids is one way to treat hearing loss.

In fact, the new Livio AI hearing aid is not only our best sounding hearing aid; it is the first wearable hearing aid that allows you to monitor your brain and body health. Making it easier to meet your physical and mental health goals.

Learn more about other features of Livio AI including fall detection and language translation.

Want to take a proactive approach to your hearing and overall health? Try Livio AI for yourself at one of your nearest ihear clinic.