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Noise Annoyance is More Than Just Annoying

Our increasingly louder world doesn’t just affect our hearing. Studies have also shown that “noise annoyance” can cause stress, anger, and disturbed sleep, all of which can permanently impair our physical health and mental well-being.

One study — by the Department of Cardiology at the Mainz University Medical Center — confirmed that noise annoyance increases the incidence or arterial fibrillation, which can lead to strokes, blood clots, and heart failure.

So what can you do to prevent noise annoyance? Minimising your exposure to excessively loud noises is the best recommendation. If you can’t always do that, be proactive about wearing hearing protection in situations where sounds exceed 85 dB. Download our SoundCheck app to measure decibel levels wherever you are in real time. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

For more tips or advice, consult with a local hearing healthcare professional. To find one, call 1300 650 250 or click here.