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Our Top Hearing Tips for the Party Season

At this time of year, most of us are gearing up to enjoy festive season catch up with workmates, friends and family. But if the thought of all those social occasions makes you cringe just a little, you’re not alone. For many Australians with hearing loss, the confounding noise of parties and gatherings can be a reason to dread the holidays. An atmosphere of celebration can lead to music, laughter, lots of loud excitable conversations and several people talking at once. But there’s no need to be stuck at home on your own… We’re here to help with some hearing tips for communicating more easily when you’re out and about at parties this silly season. 

Clue them in to your hearing needs

When the people you’ll be partying with are aware of your hearing loss, they can work with you to make communication more easy and efficient. Not that it’s really any extra work on their part! Suggest ways that others can help you, like speaking slowly and clearly, and facing you when they’re speaking if it helps to read their lips. If you miss something, let the speaker know. It’s a lot less awkward than faking your way through a conversation and responding inappropriately! 

Sitting beside a guest who is happy to help fill you in on any bits of missed conversation can go a long way in keeping up with the conversation. By that same token, some people with hearing loss prefer to sit next to those they find most difficult to hear. People are usually very happy to accommodate, but they can’t help you unless they know your situation. 

Take control of the situation

By taking the lead on logistics, you can do some research and pick out places that will suit your needs. Think about places where the background music is low and ambient noise is at an appropriate level for you. It might also be helpful to avoid peak times or days, so there is less ‘people noise’. Well-lit places might not have that moody vibe, but it’ll be a lot easier to focus on people’s faces and mouth movements. Even simple hacks like choosing a venue with round tables over long ones, or carpeted floors over hardwood, can improve the experience for someone with hearing loss.  

If you can make a reservation, don’t be shy in explaining your concerns to the host and ask that you’re seated in an appropriate area. There’s nothing worse – in anyone’s books –than turning up to be seated right next to the noisy kitchen or bathrooms! 

Arrive early

When they said ‘the early bird gets the worm’, what they meant was the early bird gets the best seat. Consider getting to your venue early and grabbing a table away from speakers, peak foot traffic areas and large or rowdy groups. It also helps to select a good spot at the table – having your back to the wall means you won’t need to worry about voices or footsteps behind you. Most people with hearing loss also like to position themselves with their ‘preferred’ ear towards guests, if they have one. Getting there early also gives you a chance to adjust your hearing aid settings if need be. 

Set yourself up for success before the party starts

The festive season and all the commitments that come along with it can be taxing – even for those without hearing loss. If you’re heading out to a party or gathering, resting or napping beforehand can ensure you arrive feeling refreshed and ready for socialising. Taking breaks when you need them during the event can help you stave off listening fatigue, and prevent you becoming exhausted. Don’t be afraid to step outside or find a quiet room to let your ears recover if you need to. The same goes for getting a good night’s rest after an occasion, to refuel for the next day’s activities.

Look after yourself during party season

It’s important to set reasonable expectations for yourself, so you don’t go home feeling down. These tips for better hearing at parties can improve your situation, but they won’t solve every issue you encounter. You might not catch every word, but you can still have a darn good time. For more tips on surviving parties during the festive season with hearing loss, pop into your local ihear clinic. Our hearing specialists will be happy to help you in getting the best from your technology.