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Info for GPs and ENTS

info for gp's and ents

As you may know, one in six Australians has a hearing loss with that number increasing to three in every four people aged over 70*. However, industry estimates indicate only 30% of those affected have actually sought treatment.

We have witnessed first hand how hearing loss doesn't just affect a person's ability to communicate, but their overall health and lifestyle. At ihear we aim to find the best hearing solution for every individual, with a focus on education and practical advice because we believe that hearing conservation is the best prevention for hearing loss.

Should you have any concerns regarding your patients hearing, we would encourage you to refer them to ihear for a free hearing assessment. The longer a hearing concern goes unaddressed, the more difficult the transition to eventually wearing hearing instruments will become. We always say that coming in to see us as early as possible is the first step to healthier hearing.

For an ihear referral pad or any further information regarding our company and the services we provide, please contact us.