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Mark Paton and Associates

Hearing aid specialists

As of 1st August, 2013, Mark Paton and Associates Hearing Aid Specialist was renamed ihear.

We have gone from a one clinic operation to a group of clinics across the Darling Downs, encompassing a team of highly experienced hearing professionals and want our name to better recognise the collaborative work that goes into running our clinics, rather than focus on one individual.

We’re still the same clinics, with the same teams just a different name. The visiting sites will continue as usual.

ihear Toowoomba, Kingaroy and Warwick are an integral part of the ihear family, and have been serving the local Queensland communities with superior hearing care for the past 28 years. If you live in rural Queensland and are looking for a trusted hearing care provider, our hearing aid specialists have the expertise to help you on your way to better hearing.

At ihear, our goal is to find the best hearing solution for every individual and we look forward to helping those of you with a hearing concern get back to enjoying your life to the fullest. We offer a full range of services and discreet hearing solutions to suit every lifestyle and budget.

Our local skilled professionals carefully examine each client's whole profile – enabling us to fit you with the latest in hearing technology that will enhance each day and every unique experience. We hope to build lasting relationships with you that will develop over time as we seek to provide continuing support and advice.

That's why our clients choose ihear over our competitors. We don't just want to help you hear better, we want to improve your life.

To make an appointment with ihear in your area, please visit the ihear QLD clinic listings.

You can also follow ihear at their official Facebook page.