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  • How can I support a loved one with hearing loss

    Many people do not like to talk about or admit to having a problem hearing. In fact, it takes on average seven years for someone with hearing loss to take action and seek treatment.

  • Four tips for communicating with someone who has hearing loss

    If you have a loved one or friend who wears hearing aids, there are a few simple tricks you can do to help them hear you better.

  • Retraining your brain takes time and patience with new hearing aids

    If you’ve just resolved to improving your hearing health by investing in hearing aids – well done! Life is only going to get more fulfilling from here.

  • Five things to look for when buying hearing aids

    Five things to look for when buying hearing aids

  • Our top four hearing tips for the party season

    For many Australians with hearing loss, the confounding noise of parties and gatherings can be a reason to dread the holidays. An atmosphere of celebration can lead to music, laughter, lots of loud excitable conversations and several people talking at once. But there’s no need to be stuck at home on your own…

  • Why bring a plus one to your hearing appointment

    The journey back to your best hearing health isn’t one you should have to take alone. In fact, bringing a family member or friend along to your audiology appointment can be a beneficial and positive experience.

  • The ten minute daily exercises for hearing success

    Here are a couple insider tips on how you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes to hearing aids.

  • The Amazing Ear And How We Hear

    As audiologists, we think that hearing is an absolute marvel of science. We’re not even biased! A human fetus in the womb can hear and respond to sounds from just 30 weeks old. We’re then born able to recognise and with a preference for our own mother’s voice, along with other familiar sounds.

  • What style hearing aids are right for me

    Unless you’ve done your research already, you may not know that the hearing aids of today come in many different styles and types. Gone are the days of the large and conspicuous brown banana-shaped hearing aid. In fact, the many models of modern hearing aids have one thing in common – they’re all stylish and discreet!

  • Hearing loss affects more than just your hearing

    The impacts of untreated hearing loss run deeper than you might expect, going far beyond just your ears. Here, we explore some of the challenges you might face if you ignore your hearing loss.